There was a small group for the 1st Living Room in our comfy new space. Maryna Ajaja had an excellent poem entitled Vertigo, based on dream imagery. Her film background is quite an asset for her verse. (She works for SIFF). She read a piece by William Carlos Williams, Russia, which added to the theme of dream imagery and the consciousness which produces it.

Is this what the poet is after? Creating this state, a dream or dream-like state? Perhaps it’s one mode.

Monica Schley workshopped a new sestina based on the odd directions Erik Satie would use to guide performance of his compositions. Sestinas are difficult forms. Paul Hunter said they were “poems poets write for other poets.”

Your Wily Splabman read a piece from his latest series Kozer Variations, as well as a poem from the brand new book A Time Before Slaughter.

We left just as folks were getting in for the 9:30 showing of the new Michael Jackson film.

We hope to see you Tuesday night at 7, in the 2nd floor lounge of the Columbia City Cinema, 4816 Rainier Av S.