Sam Hamill’s latest Poets Against War editorial & more…

At the recent Seattle Bookfest in our new Columbia City neighborhood, Sam Hamill was speaking about the role of the poet and engaged citizen. Sam believes that poets have more responsibility to call out injustice and act against it, especially when perpetrated by our own government in our name. Speaking truth to power is one phrase for it, but Sam carries the weight of a poet/translator/editor who has been engaged in this manner for almost 50 years.

Yet, one attendee yelled from the back RANT, as if active anger is not allowed. As if the clarity brought on by correct use of anger should not be exercised in “nice Seattle.” Sam has another idea in his latest essay, linked here:

Something quite interesting is happening at Seattle’s historic Sorrento Hotel: “Night School at the Sorrento” is a series of cultural events happening at the Sorrento Hotel that’s the brainchild of chef Michael Hebb, working in collaboration with Sorrento co-owner Barbara Malone. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Sorrento, and Malone wanted to do more than just throw a party. In looking through Sorrento’s archives, she discovered that soon after its 1909 opening, the hotel became Seattle’s answer to the Algonquin, busy with readings and musical events. Why not do something similar in 2009? More here, including info on a very cool event happening tomorrow (Thursday, 11.12.09)

And if you have not heard by now, your ever-faithful Splabman has a new book of poems. That aforementioned Sam Hamill had this to say about the book: Paul Nelson’s epic Slaughter explores the history, mythology and ecology of a place, a meeting-ground for various cultural interchanges, both good and bad, in the tradition of Charles Olson’s Maximus Poems or W.C. Williams’ Paterson, but uniquely his own. It is a pleasure to read—enlightening, serious, funny, and overflowing with life.

—Sam Hamill

Slaughter is the original name of Auburn and was home to that wily Splabman for 17 years, 6 months and 2 days. Details on the book here:

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