Dear Friends,

Spring is just around the corner, and Hedgebrook’s six cottages are humming with life. Our 2010 season opened in February with two Master Classes led by Theresa Rebeck and Carolyn Forché, and our first enthusiastic group of writers-in-residence.

We will bring 100 writers to Hedgebrook this year, the most in our history in any given year.

Consider the creative energy that will be generated in each cottage by those writers as they wrestle their stories, poems, plays, screenplays, memoirs, essays, graphic novels and works of non-fiction to the page.

Now, envision a literary tidal wave sweeping the world as their work finds its way to readers and audiences of all ages and all walks of life.

We know that the power of a single story, well told, can be transformative.

Imagine the impact of 100 powerful stories.

You’ll have some opportunities in 2010 to experience the tidal wave that begins on Whidbey Island: spoken word poets Mayda del Valle and Staceyann Chin rocking Seattle’s Town Hall in April, our four Women Playwrights Festival writers sharing their works-in-progress at ACT Theatre in May, award-winning writer/performer Sarah Jones presenting a workshop of her one woman show at ACT in August, and readings by alumnae happening all across the country.

Read more – and catch the wave whenever and wherever you can.


Amy Wheeler

Executive Director & Alumna