The description of Michael McClure’s lecture and workshop is now available. The lecture will be Friday night, March 12, 2010, in the Rainier Valley Cultural Center, downstairs, and is:

Poetry. Imagination. Inspiration. The Facets of Projective Verse

The secrets of poetry speak to us clearly in imagination and inspiration. Writing is alive. It is always vividly present. This talk centers on how to engage that vividness in the act of composition.

The workshop will happen in the same space the following day, Saturday, March 12, 2010, from 1-4:

Eyes Ears Nose Touch Taste: Senses in Writing

With a bite of Blake, a taste of Burroughs and a little known Kerouackian technique, we will create a waterfall of words to enable the experience of the verbal imagination and a view of inspiration. Bring in your own recent favorite short poem.

There is space available for the workshop and lecture. You can email Paul Nelson pen (at) splab (dot) org, or call 206.422.5002. The lecture is $30 and will be recorded by KBCS.FM.  The workshop is $100 and there are scholarships available.