Our first season since moving to Columbia City finished last night (5.25.10) with a record 17 poets in the Living Room. Thanks to the Striped Water Poets who showed up with a wide variety of work. Thanks also to Jim Jones, our guest poet, for giving us insight into his process and latest work.

Other guest writers in our first Columbia City season included: Amalio Madueno, Scott Galasso, Flavia Rocha and Willis and Tony Barnstone. Our thanks go out to these poets and the people who came out to hear them, as well as to Paul Doyle for his generous donation of space for Living Room.

We’re also grateful to Tim Aidlin and David Sherwin for the website design and to David for the remarkable logo and bookmark for our first season.

We’re bringing Nate Mackey to Seattle in March of 2011, details coming soon and the 9th annual Ginsberg Marathon in April 2011.

& we roll on. Thanks to everyone who participated in SPLAB events in our inaugural Seattle season.