At the recent 2010 Printers Row Lit Fest in Chicago, a reader asked me what my new novel DRAIN is about.  I answered, in one breath…

“A near-future where Lake Michigan empties of water and a group of disenfranchised peoples moves in–an end-of-times cult that worships a giant worm–and then, after some years, a planned community corporation, with towns not unlike Disney’s Celebration, Florida, tries to bulldoze the cultists out of the lakebed. DRAIN is about the conflict between the two groups, with alternating chapters that follow 1) a corporate employee called Washington Jefferson Lincoln Qui and 2) the leader of a paramilitary gang raised in the planned communities but set on revolt, called Dial-Up Networking.”

The questioner responded, after a pause: “Sounds great. Is it fiction?”

I invite you to find out for yourself by picking up a copy–or ten–for you and your loved ones.

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