I addressed my email to them as Dear Raftafarians.

Here’s what they sent to the SUNY Buffalo list:

Raft Magazine: call for new work

Brian Seabolt <empitsu@INDIA.COM>


Raft, a new online literary journal, is currently accepting submissions.
Please click http://www.raftmagazineonline.com for our mission statement
and contact information.

Here’s what you’ll find on their site:

The prior century’s cadaver casts so impressive a shadow that nearly anyone is liable occasionally to forget it’s passed. Inevitably (and we’re hardly the first to know it), a sensation of existing in between promotes anxiety. Still, we do our work now. And in this climate, the writer of value can afford neither to sneer at novelty nor to commit, as though fetishistically, to it. Not one of us, in fact, actually knows what comes next, although it is our job to do it. What is invaluable is the mere excitement of language as material with which to make things, as much sensation as sense, as much a stuff whereby to construct as a codex whereby to construe. This excitement, now as ever, trumps the thinness of fashion, trumps the straitjacket of theory, trumps the anxiety of operating within a historical fog.

It is this excitement that Raft Magazine means to put first and last.

Books reviewed in Raft’s first issue will include recent titles by Raymond Federman, Leslie Scalapino, Gilbert Sorrentino, and Jean-Philippe Toussaint.

Information: empitsu@raftmagazineonline.com
Submit: submissions@raftmagazineonline.com