Richard Olafson

Richard OlafsonJuly 17, 2010 at 5:08pm
Dear friends and colleagues,

The Pacific Rim Review of Books has reached a milestone five years! Without government funding, it is publishing some of the most perceptive, intriguing and readable articles, issue after issue – devoted solely to books and literature. Subscribers report they read each issue cover to cover as soon as it is delivered. For the price of a couple of lattes keep yourself informed and entertained by subscribing to The Pacific Rim Review of Books. And help keep this important vehicle, devoted entirely to books, in print.

The Pacific Rim Review of Books is an accessible journal of critical and social discourse. Although published on the West Coast of Canada, the magazine’s horizon is international.

Among the previous articles, we have had an exclusive interview with Bob Dylan, feature essays on Margaret Atwood, John Ralston Saul, Leonard Cohen, Dian di Prima, Robert Bringhurst, as well as illuminating reviews of recent and significant books.

The current fifth anniversary features:
An Interview with P.K. Page by Joseph Blake
Remembering P.K. Page While Reading Coal and Roses, by Rachel Wyatt
P.K. Page’s recent children’s books, reviewed by Sara Cassidy

As well as:
Hilary Turner views Pablo Neruda’s World’s End
CP Cavafy by Mike Doyle
Robert Philbin considers Kapuscinski’s travels
Eric Spalding on Nicholson Baker
Gary Snyder’s Riprap at Fifty by Tim McNulty
Richard Wirick on John Updike
Peter Grant on Jack Spicer

And much more!
Read this great issue. Support independent media and one of the few journals completely devoted to literature!

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Richard Olafson
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