Thomas Walton, Editor of Pageboy, Wearer of Bowties


     If you didn’t know already, and if you haven’t sent work already, well, PageBoy Magazine is currently gathering material for its upcoming issue. We are looking for poetry and prose and. Essays and artwork and. Fakes and masterpieces so long as they are, well, wonderful. We will publish anything that is beautiful, even ugly things. Please send us your work!
     PageBoy is now in 21 different shops or libraries in 6 different cities! If your work is in our magazine, it will be read far and wide and red. You will become famous! and rich! and happy! So send your best work, and we will read it closely and carefully, lovingly and alley.
     Email it to us as a word.doc attachment okay?
     Visit the blog at for more info and a sense of what we might be interested in. Please forward this to anyone who may or may not be interested in becoming famous in this way. Getting rich has never been easier, or more impossible. If you can do it, you can do it too!
     Oh yes! and if you haven’t seen issue III 11 let us know and we will send you one. It’s full of beauty and profanity and lewdness and calamity… and we’re not just saying that because those words are the same.
     PageBoy Magazine: Better than a Yum Yum Cafe in Chinatown.
                   -Thomas Walton (ed.)