Breadline Year Three – Wednesday, Jan 16, 2013

January 12, 2013

From Alex Bleecker: hey you effing fabulous sparkle-monkeys!

are you as glad to be alive as we are?  yes?  no?  well the good news is – it doesn’t matter – ’cause you are!  so why not join us for the breadline 2013 kickoff this wednesday for a walloping sheboygan of a good time?  (and i do mean wisconsin!)  minor arcana poets evan peterson and imani sims will be spitting hard (bring a poncho), as will philly poet sarah heady.  you’ll also be well charmed by the saxophonic sounds of wilson shook.  (there may or may not be something special for you to look at, too!)  guess where!  guess what time!  guess what happens after the features!  who loves ya, baby?!?  that’s right – these guys…                               al, jer, gre

Breadline 1.16.13

Breadline 1.16.13


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