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March 31, 2013

From the March 30, 2013 poetry bout notes:

March 30, 2013 APRIL Small Press Fair Poetry


SPLAB will be presenting the 13th Allen Ginsberg Poetry Marathon at Spring Street Center at 15th & Spring. Details soon at www.splab.org.

We’re also planning the 2nd Cascadia Poetry Festival to be held at Seattle University, May 2-4, 2014. An advisory Board meeting is happening tomorrow to update folks interested in making the festival happen. See me after the Bout, or come by the SPLAB booth for more information.

Today’s bout pits two poets from New Mexico versus the Home Team, two Cascadia poets. From New Mexico, Amalio Madueno and Nadine Maestas.

Amalio Madueño, lives in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico. Former president & co-producer of the Taos Poetry Circus, he has 18 chapbooks and two books of poetry, the latest of which is Spider Road, published MouthFeel Press in El Paso.
Nadine Antoinette Maestas is a poet’s poet and believes that the empire of the sentence is an extremely oppressive totalitarian regime. She just earned her Ph.D. at the UW with a dissertation on postmodern American anthropoetics.
New Mexico!


Anastacia Tolbert’s work is a trellis of twilight, ultramarine ache and lowercase loam. A writer, Cave Canem Fellow, Hedgebrook Alumna and co-producer of GOTBREAST? A 2007 Documentary about the views of women regarding breast and body image.
Stephen Roxborough (aka roxword) is Editor/Creative Director for NeoPoiesis Press and author of making love in the war zone, impeach yourself!, blurst, son of blurst, the little book of luminosophy and this wonderful perpetual beautiful. The last time he was in a bout with anyone, he beat up his pacifist brother in 1967.

Full Tilt Ice Cream makes all natural ice cream and frozen desserts with as much creativity and local ingredients as possible. Our retail outlets feature new and vintage arcade and pinball machines, an eclectic mix of sodas, an amazing mix of music on our stereos, and some of the finest beers the Northwest has to offer.

Healeo: is vegatarian and vegan restaurant and smoothie and juice bar at 15th & Madison.

SICA is the Subud International Cultural Organization, working at the intersection of creativity and spirituality.

This event is supported by Poets & Writers. Founded in 1970, Poets & Writers is the primary source of information, support, and guidance for creative writers.

TO The Bout!


Poets will engage in one on one bouts. Suggested time limit is 3 minutes. After each poem reads a poem in a bout, the judges will decide who won the bout. Judges will base their decisions on Content, Performance and Ezra Pounds’s Melopoeia, Phanopoeia and Logopoeia: Imagery, music and the quality of ideas presented. Judges are

Judith Roche, author of three poetry collections including Wisdom of the Body and editor of First Fish, First People: Salmon Tales of the North Pacific Rim. She is Literary Director Emeritus for One Reel, and a Fellow in the Black Earth Institute.

Thomas Walton is a writer and founder/publisher of Pageboy Magazine.

Amber Nelson is a poet and Founder of Alice Blue Books.

After each one-on-one Bout, the judges will make their selection and votes will be counted and the team which the winning poet represents will get a point. The team with the most point at the end wins lovely prizes from our sponsors.

Aaron Kokorowski of the Greenwood Lit Crawl will tabulate votes and keep score. The next Greenwood Lit Crawl is April 20th. (4.20.)


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