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May 8, 2018

The annual Give Big fundraiser for Seattle area non-profit organizations has developed into a significant source of funds for SPLAB, an organization that has created an incredible amount of work in the 24+ years it has been in existence:

  • 450 hours of radio interview programming and podcast interviews after the end of the syndicated radio program;
  • Perhaps a thousand poetry events, including the Cascadia Poetry Festival in Seattle in 2012, 2014 and 2016, in Nanaimo, BC in 2015 (in partnership with WordStorm), in Tacoma in October 2017 (in partnership with the Tacoma Poetry Festival and in Cumberland, BC, in September 2017, in partnership with the Cascadia Poetry LAB;
  • Facilitated Visits to King County by Michael McClure, Anne Waldman, Andrew Schelling, Brenda Hillman, Nate Mackey, Eileen Myles, Wanda Coleman, Jerome Rothenberg, Diane di Prima, Joanne Kyger, George Bowering, George Stanley, Daphne Marlatt, Barry McKinnon, Victor Hernandez Cruz, Adrian Castro, Ed Sanders, Ethelbert Miller and other legendary poets;
  • Workshops, Teen Slams, Critique Circles…

In 2018 we are staging the first Becoming Cascadian retreat and helping to organize the Deep in Cascadia retreat in Cumberland, BC, and we are working on securing funding to sustain the Cascadia Poetry Festival somewhere in King County, resuming in 2019 or 2020.

Other projects:

Innovative Cascadia Poetry (MOOC)
The 12th August Poetry Postcard Fest
Ongoing interviews:
Our first anthology: Make It True: Poetry From Cascadia (with Leaf Press)
Our second anthology:

We will launch our third anthology, a bilingual book, in Spring 2019.

Thanks for considering a donation to SPLAB on May 9, 2018, for Give Big 2018.

#GiveBIG 2018


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