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Robert Lashley

Robert Lashley: poetry, family, and his book Green River Valley

September 5, 2021

Cascadian Prophets 1 – Robert Lashley (Sept 2021)

by Paul E. Nelson

“Achingly beautiful” is the poetry of Robert Lashley. “His rich mind and his wounded soul – blaze in glory like never before” says one critic. His third book is Green River Valley published by Blue Cactus Press in his hometown of Tacoma, which makes it a homecoming of sorts, though he lives in Bellingham, despite that there is Tacoma all over this book as well as more of Uncle Moe, Big Momma, Aunt Virginia and his homeboys. Robert was a 2016 Jack Straw Fellow, an Artist Trust Fellow, a Stranger Genius Award nominee and talked to host Paul E Nelson about Green River Valley and his work.

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  1. Abhaya Thomas

    Thank you for this.

    Not being a paricularly well read person myself drives me to seize opportunities to listen to those that are. Its a good thing there are people like you who are passionate about seeking out these gems and enlivening us with their presence.

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