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July 3, 2024

Caring Bridge for Richard Osler

“Did you know, a quick comment can boost morale by 28.2%”
— Caring Bridge

Longtime Poetry Postcard Fest participant Richard Osler has been diagnosed with Stage Four esophageal cancer. It has spread to his liver and lymph nodes and he has opted for palliative care, meaning a heroic chemotherapy regimen is not going to happen. Some chemo to help ease symptoms might be in order, but Richard’s Caring Bridge site provides regular updates.

Having witnessed a longtime friend die of this disease, I have some sense of its relentlessness, yet phone conversations with Richard have demonstrated to me he is aware of what’s happening, what the chances for survival are, and he appears to be accepting of all this. I am sure there are moments when acceptance slides a bit and Richard feels fear, grief or regret for a moment, but that would be expected from a human being in such a condition.

What Can Postcard Poets Do?

We’ve had postcard participants die or have tremendous grief in their lives. I’ve told participants on the sly about some postcard fest participants having a hard time and that a bonus card to that person might be welcomed, but this time I asked Richard if he’d be open to receiving poetry postcards and he said “yes.” Don’t expect a card in return if you send one.

Richard Osler
1584 Stamps Road
Duncan, BC Canada
V9L 5W2

If you do not live in Canada, you’ll need an international stamp. Please check with your local post office if you are in doubt. It is in moments like this when you see a community for what it is. Richard, may peace be with you.

Hear Richard at the 2023 AWP, talk about poetry postcards:


  1. Amy R (TX)

    So saddened to hear this news…sending prayers and postcards Richard’s way.

  2. Sally Hedges-Blanquez

    Thank you for this post… a nudge…

  3. joanne rowley

    Will write to Richard today.

  4. Peggy Dougan

    Sending positive energy and postcards to you, Richard. May the life force be with you each day.

  5. Arthur Tulee

    Showing the way to Light and Dark. Postcards headed your way, Richard.

  6. Stanley Sabre

    Alo-HA Richard, Paul et al…Thanks for sharing this powerful, transformational moment with the PoPo Fest…sending you a card when I get my “stuff” together for 2024…Blessings Stanley & Resha from Deming New Mexico USofA

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