2012 Cascadia Poetry Festival 1 – SEATTLE WORKSHOPS

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Images as Windows

Tim McNulty Workshop

Saturday, March 24, 1pm-3pm

In our workshop we’ll explore the power of images to convey meaning, nuance and mood in our poems. We’re review some poemes that rely on images, and we’ll jot some images in our notebooks recollected from the past few days. If time permits, we may venture outdoors to gather a few fresh notes from the neighborhood. Then we’ll try an exercise or two that will coax our rough notes into a poem. If everyone is willing, we’ll share some of our works-in-progress. No preparation is necessary, but a pen and notebook are handy – and a willingness to open ourselves to the world outside ourselves.

Reading in the Rain

Dan Raphael Workshop

Saturday, March 24, 4:30pm-6:30pm

Reading in the Rain will help make you more aware of how to perform your work, and provide some tools, tricks and perspectives. Not that there’s a Cascadian style of poetry performance, but if there was it would have elements of story-telling, using your outside voice, gliding through hecklers and working in a variety of environments. Poets tend to be the quiet observer, but the words you write will show you how to say them. Bring another poet’s poem you like, and a couple of your own; be ready to move around a little.