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March 4, 2013

Michael Rothenberg has sent you a message.

Date: 3/02/2013

Subject: Show Your Support For The New Issue of Big Bridge!

Big Bridge stands, for these last fifteen years, as the premiere and most important metazine of the arts. It is both a growing archive of these present years for the future and already a treasure house of broadsides, poetry, the arts, and criticism in itself. The editing of Big Bridge is flawless and varied, it is bright, meaningful and generous in the breadth and artistry of presentations. For the writer it is a mark of achievement to appear in Big Bridge… And it is also the first stop on the web
for those who want to see what is new and vital.

–Michael McClure, poet, playwright

Dear Friends of Big Bridge,

Big Bridge is proud to celebrate 16 years of the best of the literary arts online and in print with our upcoming issue due out May 1st, 2013. And we couldn’t have done it without your support.

Here is a sample of what we will be offering in our May 2013 issue:

* An exclusive contemporary Anthology of Tibetan Poetry guest edited
by Bhuchung D. Sonam and Teresa Mei Chuc

* 21st Century Russian Poetry guest edited by Larissa Shmailo

* “A Picture Speaks Louder Than… An Installation of Collage and Vispo”
guest edited by Steve Dalachinsky

* A contemporary Anthology of Poetry from India
guest edited by Menka Shivdasani

* Feature Chapbook by Dorianne Laux

* A contemporary Anthology of Poetry from Mexico
guest edited by Pilar Rodriguez Aranda

* A fascinating look at poetry and art in the feature The Phenomenology of
Giving: a Use Me Capitalism, guest edited by Arpine Konyalian Grenier

* San Antonio: Red Well Sprung, art and poetry from San Antonio, Texas
curated by Viktoria Valenzuela

* Red City: Photo-Montage Installation by Lee Balan

* “Uzhupis perspective, retrospective and forward spectacle, histories and
hysteria” by Tomas Chepaitis


This is just a portion of Big Bridge offerings. We will also include great fiction, art, book reviews, feature articles, and more.

We are really excited about the next issue. But in order to continue offering such a diverse and abundant selection of work we need your support. Our goal now is to raise funds to help with the publication of the next issue. Our funding goals are modest. Our creative offering is sublime! The upcoming edition of Big Bridge will contain over a thousand pages of poetry and art from around the world, and offers more poetry than you will find in any literary review available anywhere. And it’s free!

Big Bridge is one of the best poetry and art journals on line or in print. It’s inclusive yet selective, thematic yet open field. Michael Rothenberg, his staff, and guest editors work tirelessly to create a forum for a poetics of language
as social critique. — Gloria Frym, poet

Your donations will help cover webmaster fees, administration costs and ongoing online hosting expenses. Please honor us with support of Big Bridge by making a donation today.

For your convenience, Big Bridge has a Paypal account. If you would like to support us click this link: to visit our Donations page.

If you do not have access to or prefer not to use Paypal please feel free to send a check, made out to the Committee on Poetry, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and mail it to Big Bridge, Box 870, Guerneville, CA, 95446. All donations are tax-deductible
Thank you once again for your continued interest and support of Big Bridge.

Sincere best,

Michael Rothenberg & Terri Carrion


What People Are Saying About Big Bridge

“Big Bridge lives up to its name: it has linked poets from around the globe in a fearless passage from silence to the agora. The struggle for justice through the agency of poetry is a mighty force: Big Bridge is a well-aimed spearhead toward that ideal.”-Andrei Codrescu, poet, novelist, essayist, screenwriter, publisher of Exquisite Corpse, A Journal of Letters and Life, and commentator for National Public Radio

“Big Bridge is, for the digital age, the kind of broad, inclusive, smart (but never academic), happy / angry journal we have not had in too many decades. Its antecedents include such stalwarts as Coyote’s Journal, Beatitude, The World or John Sinclair’s Work, but Big Bridge demonstrates the possibilities of life on the web by going much further & deeper than any one of those publications. Its reach is literally the planet, but I suspect that if anyone starts sending in writing or art from Mars or another star system, it would show up in Big Bridge first.” -Ron Silliman, poet, editor of Silliman’s Blog

“Big Bridge is a marvelous resource for the high but often battered, sometimes financially impoverished art of poetry. It is wide-ranging, impeccably diverse, historically aware, open to the avant-garde as well as to formal modes, always intelligent, at times astonishing. It’s a magazine for poets that never forgets its obligation to interest the general reader-the person for whom poetry is too often out of reach. You’ll find famous poets there, but you’ll also find unknown poets-and, importantly, poets who willbe known.”- Jack Foley, poet, critic, KPFA radio host and editor of acclaimed Visions & Affiliations: A California Literary Time Line 1940-2005

“For fifteen-plus years, Big Bridge has kept alive the spirit fo the marvelous, offering again and again a cornucopia of edgy intensities and restless beauties that make us recommit to imagination’s interventionist powers.”-Maria Damon, poet, teacher

“Big Bridge provides a wonderful platform for some of the best poetry and prose, art and photography, being made in these times. It’s a rare and much-needed way to stay abreast of “the news that stays news.”- Aram Saroyan, poet, novelist, biographer, memoirist and playwright, author.

“Big Bridge has long been a must-read for anyone occupied by poetry and art.”-Bill Berkson, poet, critic, teacher and sometime curator. Poet, essayist, curator, professor emeritus at the San Francisco Art Institute

“Big Bridge is exactly that, a gorgeous span across geographies and aesthetics, a road to a new world. I am grateful for the vision and all the construction work that builds this stunning bridge.” – Sarah Browning, Director, Split This Rock


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