2014 Cascadia Poetry Festival 2 – SEATTLE WORKSHOPS

2014 Cascadia Poetry Festival Postcard

Writing in Empty Space | Childhood Revisited | TBA

Featuring exercises designed by Joanne Kyger, George Stanley, and George Bowering.

Friday May 2, 9:00am – 1pm,
Spring Street Center
1101 15th in Seattle at the corner of 15th & Spring
($80 and not included in the Gold Pass.)
Limited to 15 participants

Joanne Kyger: Writing in Empty Space.

George Stanley: “Childhood Revisited.” A workshop to suggest to writers ways of reflecting on childhood as source material or inspiration for poetry or other writing. Introductions. Introduction: When was childhood? Steps (for each theme): Re-imagining; Notation; Conversation; Freewriting.

George Bowering: TBA. There will be writing time in the workshop as well as time for discussion and exchange.