2014 Cascadia Poetry Festival 2 – SEATTLE SCHEDULE

2014 Cascadia Poetry Festival Joanne Kyger at CPF2 photo by Bowering

Joanne Kyger photo by Bowering

2014 Cascadia Poetry Festival Beer Slam

Cascadia Poetry Festival-SEATTLE 2014:

Thursday, May 1, 2014

  • 7:30PM, Spring Street Center
    • Force Field reading, featuring poets from the first all women anthology of British Columbia poets in 34
    • years. Judith Roche is emcee. Confirmed poets include: Joanne Arnott (Richmond), Yvonne Blomer (Victoria), Kim Goldberg (Nanaimo), Heidi Greco (White Rock), Ursula Vaira (Lantzville, BC), Jo Lilley (Whitehorse, YT) and Linda Crosfield (Nelson, BC)

Friday, May 2, 2014

  • 9a-1PM, Spring Street Center
    • Writing Workshop with Joanne Kyger, George Stanley and George Bowering. There will be writing time in the workshop as well as time for discussion and exchange with each of these prolific writers.
  • 3-5PM, Spring Street Center
    • Living Room. A free and open democratic reading where people read their own work and listen to others in a circle format.
  • 7:30-9PM, Pigott Auditorium
    • Keynote Reading featuring George Bowering (Vancouver), Joanne Kyger (Bolinas), George Stanley(Vancouver), Kaia Sand (Portland) and Emily Kendal Frey (Portland).
  • 10PM, Spring Street Center
    • Cascadia Beer Slam, Eight Cascadia poets compete for the right to be crowned Cascadia Beer Slam
    • Champ: Kim Goldberg(Nanaimo, BC), Heidi Greco (White Rock, BC), Robert Lashley (Tacoma and Bellingham, WA), dan raphael (Portland, OR),Anastacia Tolbert (Mukilteo, WA), Isaac Grambo (Spokane), Derek Sheffield (Leavenworth) and Morris Stegosaurus (Seattle)
2014 Cascadia Poetry Festival Mother Tongue Publishing Force-Field-Cover

Mother Tongue Publishing

2014 Cascadia Poetry Festival George Stanley Joanne Kyger CPF2 Poetics Panel

George Stanley & Joanne Kyger CPF2 Poetics Panel, photo by Linda Crosfield

Saturday, May 3, 2014

  • 9-10:10AM, PIGT 103, Seattle University
    • Cascadia Geography: Place & Spirit, David McCloskey, Professor Emeritus at Seattle U and Founder of the Cascadia Institute. The “Father of Cascadia” says: “Cascadia is a real place! A quick tour of the latest images and understandings of Cascadia’s geography and ecology making it a distinctive bioregion with its own character and context.”
  • 10:20-11:30AM, PIGT 103, Seattle University
    • Panel 1: Cascadian Poetics: Innovations from Here. Nadine Maestas (Seattle) facilitates a panel on what is innovative in Cascadia poetry. Panel includes: Jeanne Heuving (Seattle), Joanne Kyger (Bolinas), Stephen Collis (Vancouver) and George Stanley (Vancouver).
  • 11:40-12:50PM, PIGT 103, Seattle University
    • Panel 2: Geoactivism (Geography & Activism). The panel includes: Kim Goldberg(Facilitator, Nanaimo), Eric De Place (Seattle), Trevor Carolan (North Vancouver), Kaia Sand (Portland, OR).
  • 3-5PM, Spring Street Center
    • Living Room. A free and open democratic reading where people read their own work and listen to others in a circle format.
  • 7:30-9PM, Pigott Auditorium
    • Force Field/Feminists (Allergic to Cats) Reading. Emceed by Nadine Maestas and Jocelyn MacDonald (both of Seattle) this is an all women reading featuring Force Field (BC) poets Joanne Arnott (Richmond), Yvonne Blomer (Victoria), Kim Goldberg (Nanaimo), Heidi Greco (White Rock), along with Jeanne Heuving, Seattle, WA, Linda Russo, Pullman, WA, Marilyn Stablein (Portland), Sharon Cumberland (Seattle), Gail Tremblay (Olympia) and others.
  • 10PM, Spring Street Center
    • The After Party. 30+ poets from around Cascadia read one poem each with lots of time for socializing between the three sets.

Sunday May 4, 2014

  • 9-10:10A, PIGT 103, Seattle University
    • Discussion on Landscapes/Actions/Embodiments moderated by Linda Russo (WSU, Pullman, WA) featuring Joanne Arnott (Richmond, BC), Joanna Lilley (Whitehorse, YT), Marilyn Stablein (Portland) and Eleni Stecopoulos (Berkeley CA).
  • 10:20-11:30A, PIGT 103, Seattle University
    • Panel 3: Geopoetics (Regional Ecology & Poetics): Gordon Miller (Seattle U), Facilitator. Panel: Derek Sheffield (Leavenworth, WA), Renee Sarojini Saklikar (New Westminster, BC).
  • 11:40-12:50PM, PIGT 103, Seattle University
    • Panel 4: Bridging the Border: Cascadia Poetry MOOC. Paul Nelson (Seattle) facilitates. Panel: Nadine Maestas (Seattle), Jared Leising (Seattle) and Tod Marshall (Spokane).
  • 3-5PM, Spring Street Center
    • Living Room. A free and open democratic reading where people read their own work and listen to others in a circle format.
  • 7:30-9PM, Pigott Auditorium
    • Closing Reading. Poets from the 826 Seattle anthology What to Read in the Rain. Heather McHugh(Seattle), Frances McCue (Seattle), Stephen Collis (Vancouver) and Maged Zaher (Seattle.)

    Small Press Fair

    The Small Press Fair happened in Paccar Atrium in the Pigott Building, just outside the auditorium where the Main Stage readings happen Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 7:30PM. The Load-in is at 4P Friday and the Small Press Fair hours are Friday night 6-10P, Saturday and Sunday, 8:30A-1:30P and 6-10P. See sponsors (below) for participating organizations and links to their websites.

    Participating organizations

    • Spring Street Center
    • The Common Acre
    • Headmistress Press
    • 826 Seattle
    • Pageboy Magazine
    • Wilfred Laurier University Press
    • Ravenna Press
    • Cascadia Now
    • StringTown Press
    • LITFUSE Poet’s Workshop
    • Rose Alley Press
    • Louis Collins Books
    • Marilyn Stablein – Book Arts Editions
    • Menacing Hedge
    • Leaf Press
    • Horizon Books
    • Recollection Books
    • Knotted Road Press
    • Cave Moon Press
    • APRIL

    Festival Sponsors

    2014 Cascadia Poetry Festival Postcard


    A huge thank you to the local organizing committee, including (but not limited to) Meredith A. Nelson, Joe Chiveney, Graham Isaac, Jeffrey Kahrs, Aaron Kokorowski, Jared Leising, Nadine Maestas, Jocelyn MacDonald, Thomas Walton, Jim Jones, Brandon Letsinger, Alex Bleecker, Angel Latterell, Emily Mundy, Judith Roche, Mary Baylor, Jason Kirk, Philip Brautigam, Cathy Visser, Jim O’Halloran, Bob Redmond, Ra’anan David, and the Cascadia Poetry Festival Advisory Board. Huge thanks to all the poets participating in this year’s fest, many of whom are listed in the bio section. Thank you to our volunteers! We couldn’t do this without you.We’re grateful to Sharon Cumberland for her support and for arranging our use of Seattle University facilities, which helped us up our game several notches. Thank you to the Dewan at Subud Greater Seattle for the use of Spring Street Center and for the continued guidance. Michelle “Meech” Pelletier of Seattle U. is a remarkable “can-do” woman. Huge thanks to her too. 

    Thank you to all of our Indiegogo supporters, who came through at the 11th hour! 

    Personal thanks to Joe & Buffy Sedlachek and Rachel Hug. Without their generosity and care for Ella Roque, we wouldn’t have had the time or focus to plan and run this festival.

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