Seattle Poetics Lab (SPLAB) Presents Tadeyeske, Murphy & Bleecker

January 5, 2015

Splab Presents Jan 6, 2015Seattle Poetics Lab (SPLAB) brings three poets into one space for an evening of readings. Join us for this literary event in the heart of Seattle’s Capitol Hill. A $5 suggested donation will support the readers and the event is being curated and hosted by SPLAB Board member Greg Bem.



Chelsea Tadeyeske (currently of Oxford, Ohio) is author of the chapbooks HEELDRAGGER (plumberries press, 2012) and TOTEM (plumberries press, 2013), co-author with Cynthia Spencer of THERE EXISTS…(plumberries press, 2012), proprietress of pitymilk press (, editor of the online collaborative journal gritty silk, and co-organizer of the Midwest Small Press Festival. Her work has been published in places such as Everyday Genius, NIN Journal, Gam Gam’s Plastic, smoking glue gun, Drupe Fruits, Humble Humdrum Cotton Frock, and others.




Patricia Murphy, a native of Northern Kentucky, lives in the historic Brighton neighborhood of downtown Cincinnati. She graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 2010 with a Bachelors in Fine Art. She is a long time collaborator and curator of alternative art and poetry venues in Cincinnati including U•turn Art Space, Important People Reading Series, and Hobohaus Gallery…….she’s got some of her art on her Facebook page, she’s particularly fond of sculpture.



Alex Bleecker (based in Seattle) is a nonstop car accident happening inside the gall bladder of a newborn American Quarter horse. Just kidding – horses don’t have gallbladders. They’re trickle feeders. As a Made at Hugo House fellow for 2014-15, Alex is currently working on a project wherein he is responding to the beautiful, haunting, surreal inquiries that Pablo Neruda’s makes in the Book of Questions (1974) – his final utterances. He’ll share some of those responses tonight.

Visit Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar‘s website for more information about the venue:


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