Robert Bringhurst and Theresa Whitehill

Bioregional Typography with Robert Bringhurst and Theresa Whitehill

September 18, 2023
Veronica Martinez

Register NOW for Bioregional Typography talk with Robert Bringhurst and Theresa Whitehill!

We are gearing up in preparation for the 7th Cascadia Poetry Festival that will be held October 6-8, 2023 at Spring Street Center in Seattle, WA. The festival schedule is loaded to the brim with talent and insight, and we are incredibly grateful and excited to be hosting so many incredible figures at the festival.

Among the great figures featured at the festival are Robert Bringhurst and Theresa Whitehill, whom will be hosting a talk on Bioregional Typography at the festival on Saturday, October 7 at 1 P.M. This talk will explore the process of designing volume one of the anthology Cascadian Zen, as well as the topic of polylingual typography in the context of the Cascadia bioregion. Register for this talk ahead of time here. Registration for the talks are only available to Gold Pass holders of the festival, which you can register for here.

Our other festival workshop that requires pre-registration, Stimulating the Satori Moment in Poems with Tess Gallagher, is sold out. The festival is going to be packed with workshops, panels, talks, and more fun events that do not require individual pre-registration. By registering for the Gold Pass, attendees can access the amazing events at the festival. Celebrate the release of our first poetry anthology Cascadian Zen and poetry in Cascadia with at our 7th Cascadia Poetry Festival! We hope to see you there!


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