Mapes Creek Blessing participants at Kubota Garden

Mapes Creek Blessing

May 1, 2024
I think the first notion of land healing rituals came to me we hosted Diane di Prima at the old NW Spokenword Lab in Auburn November 1999. It might have been walking along the Stuck River when Diane and I talked about healing places and she mentioned the Tibetan Buddhist chöd ritual. For a quarter of a century that notion was left on a backburner in my brain. It finally manifested on April 27, 2024 with the blessing of Mapes Creek. I am grateful to speakers Ashley Townes, Asia Tail, Nagessa Dube, Jason Wirth, Kosho Itagaki and Reverend Judith Laxer of Gaia’s Temple. Here are some photos and a video from the proceedings:


The text of Rev. Laxer’s blessing:

May Mapes Creek flow with ease
in freedom and beauty.
May the waters of this beautiful creek
Bring great nourishment
To the land
To the animals
And to the people
In just exactly the ways each needs to be nourished.
May we honor this creek by keeping her pure and clean
By monitoring her to ensure her flow remains unobstructed.
May Mapes Creek do her magick
Bring enchantment
Keeps our hearts and minds strong
For the days ahead.
May we treat these waters
As the holy thing they are
With reverence
With compassion
And love.
And may we remember the legacy we wish to leave for the future
One of respect and integrity, a legacy of peace.
Long may the waters of Mapes Creek flow. Blessed be!

I am so grateful to all the participants for the richness of this experience. Stay tuned. We are planning more events to honor Mapes Creek and extend the idea that it is deserving of completely seeing the light of day.

APR 2024 Mapes Creek Bookmark front
APR 2024 Mapes Creek Bookmark Back

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  1. Charlie Kyle

    What a wonderful happening!

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