Cascadia Poetry Festival, Mar 24-25, 2012 Columbia City

The Cascadia Poetry Festival is an international event which seeks to bioregionally animate & culturally construct Cascadia by gathering writers, artists, scientists and activists to collaborate, discover and foster deeper connection between all inhabitants and the place itself.

The second Cascadia Poetry Festival is scheduled for May 2-4, 2014, at Seattle University. Details are forthcoming. Information on Cascadia I (2012) is here.

Gold Pass from Cascadia I
(Map: David McCloskey © 2010, Cascadia Institute )

The Cascadia Poetry Festival Advisory Board is listed here.

David McCloskey of the Cascadia Institute is a Consulting Faculty Member.

David McCloskey with Mt. Baker Flag

David McCloskey

David McCloskey is a long-time bioregionalist. He taught Sociology, Ecology, and Geography
at Seattle University for many years. Known as “the Father of Cascadia,” he has spoken,
organized, and written widely on Cascadia & the Bioregional Vision. He made the first maps
of “Cascadia” & “The Ecoregions of Cascadia,” and is currently working on “The Bioregions
of Western North America.”

In search of the spirit of place, he has also compiled an anthology of
Cascadian Poetry in 4 movements: “Mountains, Rivers, Sea, and Sky.”
He retired in 2004, and moved back home to Eugene to remodel
the family homestead, and run the Cascadia Institute.

To sponsor or volunteer, contact Paul Nelson at 206.422.5002 or

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We’re grateful to David McCloskey of the Cascadia Institute for his vision, inspiration and for the donation of Cascadia Maps.

Green Cascadia Map

Cascadia Map courtesy of the Cascadia Institute