2024 Poetry Postcard Fest

Join us for 56 days of intuitive writing and join a growing and dedicated community of writers from around the world!

On July 4, participants will receive a list of 31 other poets to whom they will write first-draft postcard poems until the end of August. Participants can buy postcards or make their own, and everyone is encouraged to be as creative as they’d like! Founded by Paul Nelson and Lana Ayers in 2007, the Poetry Postcard Fest is an exercise in spontaneous composition, and a way for poets to not only connect to other poets, but to learn to trust their own creative intuition by avoiding revision. The self-guided structure of the fest allows for flexibility with participant schedules, but it is preferred for all postcards to be sent by August 31.  

Registration is open now! Further instruction, resources and ideas can be found on the Poetry Postcard Fest page.


There are no upcoming events at this time.