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Please Give Big to SPLAB in 2021

Please Give Big to SPLAB in 2021

I am asking your support for SPLAB during Give Big and contributions are being accepted now. Between July 2020 and last week I have been working my ass off with the guidance of 501 Commons and specifically two of their representatives,...
Your Poetry Postcard Fest Blurb Here

Your Poetry Postcard Fest Blurb Here

A quick note that registration for Poetry Postcard Fest 2020 ends July 18. (SIGN UP HERE!) As your Poetry Postcard Fest team works to make the fest more diverse and more popular, we’d love to tap into the GLOBAL Poetry Postcard Fest BRAIN for a moment. The art...

Postcards in Twisp

Thursday and Friday, (5.10 & 5.11.2018) I will be the Methow Valley for events that involve the August Poetry Postcard Fest.  Fest registration starts in less than two months and this is the first fest we’ve facilitated since the release of 56 Days of...

Albulhassan, Clark, Greco, Triese Chapbooks

I am so envious of these four chapbooks and delighted they were gifts recently given to me. All from Cascadians and all quite worth while. Wikipedia (by way of the O.E.D.) says: “Chapbook is first attested in English in 1824, and seems to derive from the word...

TISH Happens

For a sense of what TISH was about, and one of the most important movements in Cascadia poetry history, see Kevin Killian’s review of When TISH Happens, the new Frank Davie memoir of the magazine:...