If you have any love for the Southwest, or for Spanglish, or for the Black Mountain School of Poetry, or how a Native American perspective (or should I say Native Mexican) gets assimilated (or doesn’t) into the USAmerican way, you should attend Tuesday night’s Living Room, as the guest will be Amalio Madueño.

The event is at the Columbia City Cinema, 4816 Rainier AV S, in the 2nd floor lounge, starting at 7. Suggested donation, $3-$10. The circle will happen every Tuesday through the end of May.

Amalio will start the circle with a few poems and a little sense of how he makes poetry. & then we’ll open it up to anyone who wants to read, and have critiqued, their latest work. You can also read the work of someone else you’d like to discuss, or come just to listen.

More on Amalio here: http://jacketmagazine.com/31/nelson-madue.html

& you can enjoy a workshop he’s facilitating in Tacoma next weekend. Details here: http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/5263525/WA/Tacoma/Poetry-Workshop-with-Amalio-Madueo/King39s-Books/

Poems of his are here: http://chamisopieces.blogspot.com/2006/06/from-part-one-of-lost-in-chamiso.html

& his intelligent response to an essay of WCW’s here: http://www.globalvoicesradio.org/Amalios_Response_To_Hell.htm


Your Wily Splabman