Dear friends and listeners,

The Jim Knapp Orchestra will no longer be performing on a regular basis. We have been going 18 years and that seems to be the lifespan for this group as a regular performing organization. I am eternally grateful for the musicians of such great talent who have made up the band including several who have been in the group since its inception.

And thanks to you – listeners, friends and fellow musicians. It has been a particular pleasure to make this music available to high school and jr. high students from the truly excellent music programs in the Seattle area.

I would also like to express my appreciation to Patti Summers who hosted the band every Tuesday night in the beginning stages of the band; to Mack Waldron of Tula’s and Steve Smith of the Seattle Drum School for providing important venues for music; and to Cornish College of the Arts for their support.

Thanks for listening.

Jim Knapp