From DCP:

The Gallery at is now active.  All works that were selected for publication are now available online in the first April 2010 edition of The Gallery.

This month’s issue includes:

§       Jennifer Natalya Fink – An excerpt from The Mikvah Queen

§      Paul Nelson – Danse Macabre, The Offering, and 10 American Sentences

§    J.r.d. Middleton – We Haven’t Seen You In Ages

§     Chris Stuker – Belittled

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This debut of our new online feature is a big deal for us. Dark Coast truly strives to maintain an aesthetic standard of writing that is not always easy to uphold.  To say it plainly, there is just so much bad writing that comes our way.  We are so excited to be launching a feature that promotes quality work from contemporary writers.  The Gallery is still new, and we have a lot of plans for it in the future.  There will innovations in its design as well as its marketing as a free online ‘art gallery’ of new writing each month.  If you have questions or comments I’d love to hear from you.

Dark Coast Press offers The Gallery monthly as a free, online feature…