from Reclaim the Media:

Seattle Digital Justice Campaign

Gravestone with "2010 Net Neutrality FCC RIP"

1: Net Neutrality is at risk of dying!
“Did the FCC miss a step? The NBB highlights several areas of concern that the FCC believes can affect what many believe are net neutrality issues. But let’s face some ugly facts: Everyone has their own definition of what it truly means. No blocked content, equal access to bandwidth available, regardless of origination of the content, no throttling of provider service connectivity to where a user goes, privacy of where the user has been, the list is endless. Does the FCC come out and state net neutrality goals and regulations it wants? No. Is it mentioned in the executive summary? Not once. Is it mentioned in the NBB official plan? Zilch. Appendix: nothing…someone hit the delete key?” – FCC’s National Broadband Plan: Net Neutrality, R.I.P.
Luckily, we will have a chance to defend the life of Net Neutrality this month! Commissioner Baker will be here on April 28th to talk about the open internet. We should be prepared for her arguments that an open internetcould diminish our emphasis on adoption and chill the private investment we so desperately need in our broadband infrastructure.”

We need to show them that an internet censored by corporate interests is NOT what the people want. The hearing will take place April 28th at 9:30am downtown at the Federal building. Email Sunny to get involved.

2: Take action: Attend our planning meeting on April 13th at 6:00pm at Hidmo (2000 S Jackson St, Seattle)

We will be preparing people for an opportunity to speak to Commissioner Baker on the 27th as well as readying ourselves for some public theater and protest to highlight the importance of Net Neutrality. Plan to attend if you’ve got a story about why your community would be negatively impacted by the death of net neutrality. Plan to be there if you’ve got amazing ideas for visuals that will capture the public’s imagination. Plan to be there!