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Xerolage 46 – STARINGS by Nico Vassilakis


This is what an alphabet does when the books are closed and the
letters are off duty. The characters cavort, mate, replicate,
coagulate, instigate, insinuate, explode… Free of responsibility,
the alphabet dances.

– Rosaire Appel

Nico Vassilakis’ STARINGS occupies us by combining radically
different registers of meaning — violence and play, destruction and
creation, character and scatter. And we are occupied when we enter
each image, as in taken over or filled up, concentrate on or in, we
have control or have lost control of meaning here. Not that there need
be an either/or in these pages. There is only is. So dwell a while.

– Jenny Sampirisi

from the introduction:

Dear Alphabet’s Demur,
You take lines and shapes and given possibilities and make alphabet.
You use it to make sounds and you map out trajectories of thought. You
make names and call your children by them. This is done everywhere.
And it’s been done for thousands of years until you became bored with
this method — until you surrounded and suffocated yourself with these
products of your creation.

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