What is the meaning of dialogue for artists? How do artists communicate with each other on an organic, procedural level? How do we learn from each other and forward our own work through the technique of response? What can we learn on the meta level about the progression of humans through adaptation and staged development? Can writing be taught and learned from one another at the same time and on an equal level?

For this SPLAB workshop everyone will be a contributor, so come to the Living Room and expect to write during the first portion of the evening! This will be a wonderful experiment in group collaboration, where we will each write short pieces for ourselves and for the group, and then recite and record them. This will not be your average workshop exercise! Expect to be surprised! Expect to learn something new! Expect the unexpected! Don’t be afraid of cliches! Don’t be afraid of being edgy! Don’t be afraid of stepping beyond your boundaries! Our anyone else’s!

A note: because this opening exercise may potentially take longer than normal, please bring relatively shorter works for the critique circle. While we typically cover the majority of peers during the workshop, that is not always the case! So please bring your sparsest creative pieces this week!

Your donation of $5 helps SPLAB put on special events and continue programming AND gets you an entry in our monthly raffle. Please bring 8 copies of the work you plan to read. If you do not bring copies, they are available for 10c.

Living Room happens at SPLAB in the Cultural Corner of the old Columbia School, between Rainier AV S and 36th AV S, on Edmunds. We’re 2 blocks from the Columbia City Link Light Rail Station. Free parking is available on the school grounds.