Kimiko Hahn

The mind writes what is.  —Gertrude Stein

Zuihitisu is a classical Japanese form that looks like prose but sounds like poetry. Zuihitsu has been translated as “following the brush” or “random jottings.” The poet accumulates anecdotes, impressions, overheard conversations, lists, diary entries…. real and imaginary musings. In this way the form mirrors the mind as it jogs and jags this way and that.

January 13th.  It’s my first husband’s birthday.  Should I send a card? How young we were! How old now, this body, that lifts free weights three times a week! This body I did not love till after I turned forty—and told myself whatever is flawed is a flaw—not an issue of, say, chocolate.  What to tell my daughters?  . . .

Red, Green, Iceberg—

Musk, Sweet, Winter Wax, Yellow Doll, Honeydew    

from “Pulse and Impulse” by Kimiko Hahn

Come to Living Room to read some of Kimiko Hahn’s contemporary zuihitsu and to try your hand at one of your own!

Also bring a piece of work you’d like to read for our critique session. Writers of all ages and skill levels gather Tuesdays at 7P to read new work, the work of someone else or to just be in the engaging company of other writers. Your donation of $5 helps SPLAB put on special events and continue programming. Please bring 8 copies of the work you plan to read. If you do not bring copies, they are available for 10c.

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