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No Irritable Reaching reading AWP

No Irritable Reaching AWP Off-Site Reading

March 19, 2023

I was delighted to be involved in a few off-site readings for the AWP Conference, the annual gathering of the Association of Writers & Writing Programs. Great article in the Seattle Times on what happened here in Seattle March 8-10, 2023. A delight to connect with many people, reconnect with old friends, mend bridges that were damaged by miscommunications (mostly) and spread the word of what the Cascadia Poetics Lab is about. Meeting the indefatigable Roxi Power of Santa Cruz was the highlight and she and I were part of the No Irritable Reaching event at Gallery 110 which mostly featured poets from Seattle and Santa Cruz. Here is the audio of the event by individual poet. My thanks to Shayley Timm of Gallery 110, Roxi and all of the readers.

1. Opening remarks by Paul E Nelson (3:54):

2. Sara Marie Ortiz (17:29)

3. Roxi Power introductory remarks (3:47)

4. Farnaz Fatemi (7:00)

5. Adelia MacWilliam (13:36)

6. Vicky Bañales (11:22)

7. Lucien Zell (11:36)

8. Paul E Nelson (14:18)

9. Roxi Power (11:42)

10. Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs (14:12)


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