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Cascadia Poetics LAB Dragon New Year Fund Drive

Help support Cascadia Poetics LAB: give people the power to practice poetry

Cascadia Poetics LAB needs your help. There are many ways you can support Cascadia Poetics LAB with its mission to give people the power to practice poetry:

  • Sign up for the 2024 Cantos of Ezra Pound Workshop
  • Purchase the Cascadian Zen Deluxe limited edition
  • Sponsor the Cascadian Prophets Podcast
  • Make a contribution

Ways You Can Help

Sign Up for The Cantos of Ezra Pound Workshop

Workshop The Cantos of Ezra Pound

Sundays, 3-5PM EST March 10 – April 28, 2024

“All times are contemporaneous in the mind.” Ezra Pound’s CANTOS is a tough book. “It can’t all be done in one language,” Pound wrote, and the pages bristle with Greek, Latin, French, Russian, Spanish, & Occitain phrases, stanzas, fragments or bits. For North American poetry the book may be a beacon of “clarity” (as Allen Ginsberg put it), “it helps us to see.” But having a guide to help you through, to see the architecture of the whole, to point out landmarks and sources, helps a great deal. I had my own guides, and enjoy leading people through the territory, having  taught it at the Jack Kerouac School many times.” – Andrew Schelling

click here for workshop info

Purchase the Deluxe Limited Edition of Cascadian Zen Vol 1

Cascadian Zen Front Softcover
The Cascadian Zen deluxe edition is a strictly limited printing of 26 numbered copies (and six copies hors commerce), hand bound in cloth, with almost twenty contributor signatures. The book comes in a handmade cloth slipcase and includes a separate, strictly limited, signed, and numbered print of Lopez Island by Nathan Wirth, suitable for framing. Any profits will be used to underwrite future publications of the Watershed Press.
Signatures include Paul Nelson, Jason Wirth, Adelia MacWilliam, Robert Bringhurst, Jan Zwicky, Daphne Marlatt, Cate Gable, Tim McNulty, Tess Gallagher, Robert Michael Pyle, Alice Derry, Red Pine (Bill Porter), Ray Grigg, Holly Hughes, Michael Daley, Gabriella Gutierrez y Muhs, Gary Copeland Lilley, Terran Campbell, and Ann Spiers.

Sponsor the Cascadian Prophets Podcast

Cascadian Prophets Interviews (1999-2023) by Paul E Nelson

Sponsor the Cascadian Prophets Podcast and Receive:

Cascadian Prophets: Interviews 1999-2023 Autographed Edition

For a limited time, sponsors donating $300 or more to the Cascadian Prophets Podcast will receive a specially autographed edition of Cascadian Prophets Interview 1999-2023.  This special autograph will include a stamp with Paul E. Nelsons’ Dharma name, bestowed December 11, 2023.

Make a Contribution

Thanks for being a part of our place-based city of poets. We’re deeply grateful to have the support of members like you. Through your donations, we empower people to practice poetry and deepen connections to place, self and the present moment. Join us in a year that marks our 30th anniversary! Founders Circle Members get first opportunity to purchase Gold Passes for the 8th Cascadia Poetry Festival on November 1 – 3, 2024 in Seattle! Please support the Cascadian Prophets podcast, the Cascadia Poetry Festival, the Poetry Postcard Festival (in year 19 in 2024) and online workshops such as Poetics as Cosmology and Life as Rehearsal for the Poem.

$100 Founders Circle

Cascadian Prophets Podcast Sponsor

$250 Reinhabitarian

You understand humans have to stop living like invaders & deeply connect to place & how the Cascadia Poetics LAB leads that effort via poetry, interviews, & other projects enabling deep connection to the Now & Here.

$1200 Cascadian Prophets Podcast Sponsor
Support the Poetry Postcard Fest, The Cascadia Poetry Festival, Online Workshops, Interviews, Interview Archive preservation & other activities. With a donation at this level we will include short announcements for your business or project.

Learn More about

Cascadia Poetics LAB Programs and Events

Cascadia Poetry Festival 8 Banner

Cascadia Poetry Festival

The Cascadia Poetry Festival started in in 2012: it is an regular gathering of poets and creatives with workshops and talks, hosted in the Pacific Northwest of the Cascadia Bioregion. We are excited to announce Cascadia Poetry Festival #8 November 1-3, 2024!

Poetry Postcard Fest 2024 Banner

Poetry Postcard Fest

Founded in 2007, The Poetry Postcard Fest is an annual 56 day experiment in spontaneity and community-building. Registration opens annually on September 1!

Cascadian Prophets Podcast banner

Cascadian Prophets Podcast

The Cascadian Prophets Podcast broadcasts about poetry, culture, and interviews with creatives, promoting cultural activities toward sustaining the Cascadian Bioregion, place, and presence.

Poetics As Cosmology workshop banner Overland to Levertov


Workshops: Cascadia Poetics Lab hosts poetry workshops, available to the general community, to help people learn new techniques of expression and literary creativity.

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Learn more about our own imprint, Watershed Press and the publication of the long-awaited Cascadian Zen anthology.

CPL 30th Anniversary Celebration


Events: Cascadia Poetics Lab hosts poetry reading events in partnership with other cultural organizations.