Trans-Genre Cabaret

Jam Yesterday, Jam Tomorrow: Trans-Genre Cabaret

“Jam Yesterday, Jam Tomorrow: A Trans-Genre Cabaret” features poets as early media film tellers (Benshis) performing new scripts to silent films, to now media poets spinning DJ jams around ChatGPT.

Hailing from the theater of old New Orleans:

Rodrigo Toscano, Henry Goldkamp, & Sean F. Munro.

Railing within new media & music on the coasts:

Ronaldo V. Wilson, Mark Scroggins, Margaret Rhee, Roxi Power, Greta Jane, Katy Bohinc & De Kai.

Come to our madcap cabaret. With gallery art, music, & drink, our party will, in fact, jam today.

Featured Poets:

  • Katy Bohinc

  • De Kai

  • Henry Goldkamp

  • Greta Jane

  • Sean F. Munro

  • Roxi Power

  • Margaret Rhee

  • Mark Scroggins

  • Rodrigo Toscano

  • Ronaldo V. Wilson

Sponsors Gallery 101, Motion Viz, 4 Culture


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