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Cate Gable on Police Poetry

Cate Gable on Police Poetry

SPLAB’s own Cate Gable, intrepid columnist for the Chinook Observer, observes the (ahem) “poetry” of the Minneapolis Police in the Derek Chauvin case: There are several literary devices at play here. Let’s start with understatement. “To note” is an...

Postcard Update, Independence

First an update on the 2015 August Poetry Postcard Fest. We have 70 signups in the first 44 hours and the first two groups are complete. Lists have been sent out to groups 1 & 2. Participants in the first two groups represent: Mobile AL, Tuscaloosa AL, Castlegar...

Two More Gigs for Habib from Morocco

El Habib Louai is charming the people of Seattle who see his almost constant smile, hear his translations of Ginsberg into Arabic and enjoy his energetic and deeply perceptive look at USAmerican culture during his first visit to this country. He has two more...