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CPF7 Sunday Readings

CPF7 Sunday Readings

Watch the CPF7 Sunday closing readings! On October 8, 2023, we closed Cascadia Poetry Festival 7 with a viewing of the Heavy Lifting film, a film adaptation of Felicia Rice and Theresa Whitehill’s book of the same name (pictured below). Following this, Paul...
Cascadian Zen

Cascadian Zen

What is the nature of the bioregion known as Cascadia? How is this insight expressed by the people who live, work, practice, and play here? Is there a connection between Zen practice, broadly construed, and the Cascadia bioregion? If so, what is it? Who have been the...

Levertov Plaque Unveiled

A small but appreciative group of Denise Levertov fans (including her former doctor) gathered Saturday (12.3.16) at the house in Seattle’s Seward Park neighborhood to attend the unveiling ceremony for a plaque erected in her memory. Colleen McElroy was the guest...

Cascadia Poetry Festival Advisory Board

If you are wondering what SPLAB has been up to lately, we’re scaling back in preparation of something quite huge. In our last season, Sept 2011 to June 2012, we produced 51 events. With the arrival of Ella Roque Nelson, that pace became impossible, so we decided...