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May 7, 2024
Veronica Martinez

GIVE BIG to Cascadia Poetics Lab in 2024!

Help celebrate Give Big 2024 on May 7-8 by donating to the Cascadia Poetics Lab! Give Big is a state-wide campaign calling individuals and organizations to invest in nonprofits. This year, we encourage you to GIVE BIG to Cascadia Poetics Lab!

I have been involved with Cascadia Poetics Lab as the organization’s administrative assistant since June of 2023, and my position with the organization has provided so many opportunities since then! Through my work for CPL, I’ve been able to find community with poets throughout Seattle and the Cascadia bioregion, dive into bioregionalist thought, make connections to further my own poetic and creative endeavors, learn new skills, explore and celebrate the gorgeous landscapes of our bioregion, and so, so much more! Cascadia Poetics Lab has had a huge impact on my development as both a young writer and a professional, but also as a member of my community and bioregion.Through my experience with Cascadia Poetics Lab, I hope that all of our supporters can understand the passion, care and time that we put in to all of our programs.

With your help, we’ve been able to achieve SO MUCH, with 2023 being one of our most successful years yet. In the past year, we hired the organization’s first administrative assistant (that’s me!), hosted the 17th Poetry Postcard Fest, the 7th Cascadia Poetry Festival, launched Watershed Press and published Cascadian Zen Vol. I, celebrated our 30th anniversary with the publication of Cascadian Prophets (Interviews 1999-2023), published multiple engaging podcast episodes, participated in readings and events throughout the bioregion, welcomed Dr. Gabriella Guitérrez y Muhs and Lorna Dee Cervantes to our board, and much more. We continuously strive to improve resources for our supporters, such as maintaining a beautiful, streamlined website and building our social media presence. We have no fancy office, and we try to keep the prices of our events, publications and broadcasts either free or affordable to maintain accessibility for participants. As a commitment to our community, we offer modest payment to poets and artists featured at our events. With fewer people choosing to donate to nonprofits, we are in need of supporters in order to continue our programs and broaden the community we’ve already established.

We have many more wonderful community events in the works, and none of this can be done without the help of our dedicated supporters! We are incredibly grateful for all of the support we’ve received and continue to receive from our supporters, and we’re asking you to extend your generosity by donating to Cascadia Poetics Lab for Give Big May 7-8! Donors that give $100 or more to our Give Big campaign will automatically receive an invitation to our Cascadia Day Poetry and Posole event on May 18! DONATE HERE, and please share with anyone that might be interested in supporting the CPL community!


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