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AWP Off-Site Readings at Spring Street Center

There are three, count ’em THREE off-site readings happening this week as part of the fiesta of writers that is known as the annual AWP Conference, which is in Seattle this year. Events will be held at Spring Street Center, in Seattle, a lovely facility 1.1...

Black Earth Institute Off Site AWP Reading

From Judith Roche: Dear Friends and Colleagues, You are invited to a reception/informal poetry reading event on the Thursday of AWP, February 27th, 7:00PM- 11:PM. The event is sponsored by Black Earth Institute and we are inviting writers who have had work in About...

About Place Journal (From Judith Roche)

Dear Writers from A River Runs Through Us issue of About Place Journal, I’m sending you an invitation to submit to the upcoming issue of “About Place Journal”, Earth Spirit Society. It is an issue conceived of to honor the memory of Patricia...