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From Charles Alexander of Chax Press

Notice the two Seattle writers included below and consider supporting this innovative publisher: Dear Poetry Readers and Friends of Chax Press: Poetry, for me, is a community of writers, readers, ideas, words, shapes, and sounds arranged or just appearing in space and...

Book of Frank by C.A. Conrad (Reviewed by Greg Bem)

Book of Frank by CAConrad (Wave Books, 2010, 166 Pages) Here is a little bit about the new edition of CAConrad’s the Book of Frank. First of all, it’s a collection of poems. It’s a book with a history. It’s got the old Frank poems in it from the previous edition (Chax...

New Charles Olson; Projective Verse II

Charles Olson, The Principle of Measure in Composition by Field: Projective Verse II, ed. by Joshua Hoeynck Work from the Olson archive, an important edition to the original Projective Verse essay by Olson. ISBN 9780925904959 56 pages $15 “A poem has so many...